Be a Charcuterie Champion

Leave it to the French to make pork meat products sound romantic, delectable and, well, French!

Charcuterie is a the branch of cooking devoted to prepared meats, primarily pork. A charcuterie platter is a smorgasbord of meats such as bacon, salamis, sausages, pate and ham artfully arranged with other favorites such as cheeses, fruits, nuts, olives and other spreads. Add some artisan crackers, baguettes and wine and you have an appetizing treat that will please everyone’s palate.

Even the most challenged foodie can create a tasty charcuterie board. That’s because there is no wrong combination. Pick a variety of mild and bold meats such as different salamis, ham, chorizo or prosciutto. Do the same with cheeses choosing soft and hard cheeses with great flavor. Then add your favorite in-season fruits and spreads and sprinkle in some nuts, add olives and pickled or brined vegetables. You can even add chocolate for dipping. Don’t forget crackers, baguettes and small breads. Arrange your goodies on a board and Voilà (another French term), you’ve become a charcuterie champ.

Custom Catering by Short Stop has become Central Minnesota’s Charcuterie expert. These boards are a perfect addition to your hors d’oeuvres station for a work fête or for your event’s cocktail hour. They are art in presentation and provide delicious flavor and variety.