Head Table Family Style

Head Table Headaches

The traditional head table at a wedding reception includes only the wedding party. The table faces the guests and is usually on a raised platform. But many brides and grooms are opting for some different table arrangements. Letting your wedding party sit at tables with their plus ones is an option. You could then sit the Bride and Groom with parents at a table or have a sweetheart table set up just for the Bride and Groom. How romantic!

Another head table option that is becoming more popular is the Head Table “Family Style.” It can be positioned many ways, but it usually includes a long table where the wedding party, with their plus ones and family members are seated and then are served. Often the table is in the middle of the guest tables. It is a more casual version that can make everyone more comfortable.

Whatever type of head table you choose for your wedding, Custom Catering by Short Stop will serve it professionally and quickly. Even if your guests are being served buffet style, Custom Catering will serve individual plates to each member of the Head Table at no additional charge.

Do you need some additional hints for reception seating etiquette? The Knot has a great article on how to get friends and family into the right seat.